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The Art of the Review

The Art of the Review

In today’s short-attention-span, digital-everything world, reviews can make or break your brand. And whether that’s fair or not, it’s still true.

We get a lot of panicked calls from organizations who have received negative reviews and need help combatting them. While we can’t work miracles, there is a lot we can do to lessen the impact.

Here’s the methodology we use …

Respond Promptly
It’s essential that you respond to negative (and positive) reviews, and it’s equally important that you are prompt, professional, courteous, thoughtful and thorough in your comments. Thank the reviewer for their feedback, then offer them a chance to connect with someone on your team to resolve any issues. Essentially, responses are an opportunity for a personal connection with a customer.

Avoid Being Emotional
Don’t add fuel to a fire. Keep an eye on privacy and avoid templated, impersonal responses. Trust that readers know that some people are just mean. Plus, an organization’s review feed can feel more authentic when there are some negative reviews.

Report Abusive Reviews
Some reviews are outlandish in their claims, and many platforms do offer some protection. But don’t get your hopes up too high. For example, you can report reviews to Google for removal, but that doesn’t often result in removal unless they are obviously inappropriate. It’s always worth a try, though.

Practice Empathy
While the initial impulse may be to defend your company, it’s essential to remember that the goal is to win back the customer, not the argument. Empathize with the customer’s feelings and outline the steps you’ll take to address their concerns.

Even for serial complainers, showing a course of action can help rectify the situation. Customers can always revise their reviews, and by addressing their concerns, you might turn a 1-star review into a loyal customer who sings your praises.

Pursue Positive Reviews
The best way to overcome negative reviews is to get more positive reviews. But to get reviews, you must ask!

Asking for reviews can be an art. Timing is everything, and finding the moment of peak customer excitement is essential. Make it personal by introducing a human element in your request rather than relying on automated messages. This personal touch can significantly increase the likelihood of receiving positive reviews.

In Conclusion
In the end, consumers trust peer reviews, making it a valuable marketing tool that can be leveraged on social media, paid ads or your website. We may even see a shift from old-school influencers to regular people who can genuinely advocate for your brand.

But like it or not, reviews are here to stay. The trick is harnessing them to create hyper-personalized and exceptional customer experiences that make them want to come back again and again.


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