Increase Conversions up to 20% With Intent Marketing

Increase Conversions up to 20% With Intent Marketing

In the world of marketing, once upon a time you chose a channel, sprayed your message out at a large, broadly defined demographic audience, and hoped that it would hit at least a few potential customers. But times have changed … and they keep changing. In fact, marketing technologies move so quickly that it’s easy to fall behind. 

Not so long ago, SEO and SEM were all the rage, and everyone was trying to get on board. Now there are giant lead aggregators and national companies bidding up the cost per click. Also, prospects remain anonymous with traditional SEM. You can lure them in with keywords, but you don’t know who they are until they tell you. 


Now through technology that connects users to their device IDs and demographic segmentation, we can precisely identify prospects down to what type of home they live in and its value, where they shop, what their household income range is, how they spend their money, and even their political affiliations. We can also eliminate traffic attributed to bots (about 40% of web traffic) that waste tons of PPC dollars. Using this data to market to targeted prospects exhibiting interest in your product or service is called Intent Marketing.

With Intent Marketing, prospects are identified and their data can be purchased. This data is then used to gain insight into a target audience’s buying behaviors and interests, which allows marketers to generate creative content that the prospects are known to respond to. Ultimately, this is how you create more valuable connections with prospects.


The process of Intent Marketing isn’t magic. In fact, it can be broken down into five steps.

1.      MONITOR your website visitors and internet users searching for your keywords. These are warm prospects that are already expressing interest in your product or service. You want to know who these people are and how to contact them.

2.     FILTER out all the bot traffic, then filter out the users who do not fit your target criteria.

3.     BUY the data for those qualified prospects. This primarily includes home address, email address and Facebook profiles. Effectively, this is actionable intelligence.

4.    DELIVER multi-channel marketing only to these identified warm leads (Facebook, Email, Direct Mail). At C-360, we use a proprietary non-opt-in email platform to avoid blacklisting your URL, and as people opt in, we transfer them into your in-house email platform for continued contact.

5.     MEASURE your results. Using this method, our clients see 4X to 8X better results than traditional SEO or SEM efforts.


Why does this work? First, by touching the right prospects in the first place, conversions increase from 2% to 20%. Second, attracting new customers is faster and costs less. 

With Intent Marketing, the future is here. C-360 is here to help you meet it … and seize it.



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