From the Desktop of Michael DeMos: Tips for Harnessing AI

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Businesses and marketers are always seeking innovative ways to improve efficiencies in marketing operations. And while many new technologies and systems tweak the efficiency needle, AI is off the charts in its potential.

ChatGPT and Bard are the emerging leaders in the AI typically used by marketers. Leveraging AI gives marketers the capability to quickly generate drafts of creative briefs, blogs, scripts, emails, etc., providing a strong base for further communications and strategy development. To harness its potential best, I want to share a few tips and tactics that we have learned to drive effectiveness and ethical usage.

  • Treat AI like a member of your team. Your prompts to AI are just as important as your real human team conversations. Ask AI to learn about a brand by giving it relevant information about the brand promise, unique value proposition and audience. You would do this with your copywriter, so why not AI? They both need context to be successful.
  • Be iterative. Just like you would give a team member feedback on a first draft, ask for refinements and give reasons. It just keeps responding, and each integrative response gets better. Plus, it’s extremely fast!
  • Garbage in equals garbage out. You can’t expect AI to read your mind. Use one chat for each topic or client and keep feeding it information over time. If you start a new chat every time you need assistance, AI doesn’t have the context from your last interaction. Think of it like this: You wouldn’t hire a new employee every time you start a new project, so why do that to AI.

I’ve saved our most important take aways for last:

  • Do your homework before implementing AI for marketing. Let AI learn about the brand. This will allow AI to align its output with your target audience, maintaining a consistent brand voice and tone in outputs.
  • Every output from AI needs human editing. Don’t be that guy who does a straight copy and paste; it will be obvious. AI helps speed up workflow, but it doesn’t replace humans’ insight, creativity and intellect. It can create drafts lightning fast, and eliminates the daunting task of starting from a blank white sheet of paper.

Like any other tool, AI has awesome power … as well as limits. It’s up to us to wield it correctly so we can get the most out of it.

PS. Did you know that ChatGPT does not have access to current website activity? It was cut off in September 2021. You have to teach Chat GPT anything that happened after that.


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