C-360: Walking the Talk on Work-Life Balance


Life and well-being are all about balance. We spend much of our time and energy searching for it, whether it’s in our diets, our relationships or our budgets. But it’s not a static goalpost, which makes this pursuit all the much harder.

In fact, the The Great Resignation can be distilled down to workers trying to find balance in how much of a role work serves in their lives, and how much room it leaves for other pursuits. People want full lives, both inside and outside of work, and they are searching for work cultures that help them find that tenuous balance.


Balance Within C-360

C-360 is proud of our company culture. We value our clients and the work we pursue with them, but it doesn’t wholly define us as individuals or as a company. We see our outside interests as helping us do better work, broadening our view of the world, and bringing fun into the mix.

At C-360, balance begins with flexible schedules. The emphasis is on completing the work, not on spending a certain number of hours in a chair in an office.

This looks different for each employee. For some it means working part-time. For others it means working in the evenings or weekends. And for a many of us this means four 10-hour days and three-day weekends. The key is that each team member is able to mold work into their schedule, rather than mold their life around their work schedule.

What does all this flexibility give us? It rewards us with opportunities to have fun and enjoy our lives outside of work. (Which in turn means we are energized and inspired to work harder for our clients!)

For CEO and President Michael DeMos, it means participating in Enduro dirt bike races, which are extended endurance races on cross-country, off-road courses. This past January Michael placed first in the A55 class at the East Coast Enduro Championship. “Fighting for wins in my racing scene teaches me how to push through client challenges and bring them the best outcomes. Business is very competitive, and I bring that racing spirit to help my clients win in their business.”

For Korren Farkas (Copywriter) and Nichole Roksiewicz (Graphic Designer), a flexible schedule means more time with their families. Nichole says, “I have a young child, and being able to take him to school, pick him up, go to field trips and special events is how I benefit most from my schedule.”

Carmel Gambacorta (Senior Account Manager) uses her time to lend her expertise in communications to a couple of nonprofit groups, as well as train for half marathons and take care of her family. “The flexibility of my job allows me to pursue activities that I find immensely gratifying. If I worked a regular schedule I would still try to do it all, but my life would also feel much crazier.”


Beyond the Schedules

Work/life balance doesn’t just depend on schedules. It also means wisely using the time we have. That’s why we mostly work virtually, cutting out commutes so we better utilize that time. That also means that when we do get together for a team meeting or outing, it’s extra special.

Perhaps one of the best ways we foster balance is in how we support one another. We realize that life happens, and everyone does their best to step in and help where it’s needed. In February 2022, two members of our team lost their mothers within a week of each other. Everyone reached out with kind words and offers to pick up workloads. No one was pushed to return to work until they were ready to step back in. “We are family,” says Michael DeMos. “Those aren’t just words. We support one another and are stronger because we work as a team.”


At the End of the Day

Work is important. Ideally it’s where we feel successful, challenged and connected. But work shouldn’t define us, which is why finding work/life balance is so imperative. C-360 strives to walk the talk when it comes to balance, and we believe it only makes us stronger and helps us serve our clients better.


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