Solid Strategies Start with Data

Using big data, we identify customer trends and build marketing strategies that work. Plan before you spend to ensure the highest response.

Leverage Your Data

Our proprietary platform provides insights into customer behavior and guides the creation of an effective, data-driven marketing strategy. 

Understand Your Customers

It’s amazing what big data tells us! Uncovering the little things that matter to your customers makes a HUGE difference in your results.

Build Your Marketing Plan

Don’t be fooled by popular trends or egos. When your marketing plan is built on data, you get measurable improvements and results.

Increase Your Business

When you know your audience and connect with them from their point of view, they engage. More engagement drives more business.

Behind the Data

You understand that data is valuable when developing your marketing plan, but you don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in.

Gaining Access to Data

Big data is now available at a reasonable cost. You don’t have to be a fortune 100 company to understand your customers’ buying behaviors. This is a game changer for most companies! We help you gather the data that will help you make smart decisions.

Unlocking the Data

Using our proprietary modeling method, we append 500+ demographic and pyschographic attributes to each customer and define the personality traits that influence their buying behaviors. Are your customers motivated by quality or discounts? We can tell you!

Addressing the Right Audience

You should know what attributes separate your best customers from your worst. Target your best customers and avoid wasting your marketing dollars on the worst. Your customers will be happier … and so will you!

Discovery & Data Analysis

Do your customers see you the same way you see yourself? Know for sure what motivates your customers and how your brand is perceived.

Customer Insights Playbook

We create a playbook that details your customers’ motivations, a heat map that defines your markets, and a list of key drivers that affect your customers’ buying behaviors.


Apply the playbook to your marketing efforts and watch the response rates grow.  Customers buy from people who relate to them most effectively.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Stop Guessing

Big data provides incredible insights into consumer behaviors. We help you know your customers so you can improve your marketing and grow your business.