C-360’s Industry Predictions for 2022

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C-360’s Industry Predictions for 2022

January is a month of looking forward.

In keeping with the spirit of the new year, the C-360 team has rounded up forecasts about future trends in marketing, public relations, media and design.


Great Resignation Will Spill Over to Agency-Client Relationships

Michael DeMos, CEO & President

For my prediction, I believe that The Great Resignation isn’t just affecting individual employees and employers … it’s also spilling over into agency/client relationships.

I predict that in 2022 clients who are difficult to work with and treat agencies like vendors will find they have fewer choices and will wind up spending more. Just like employees are leaving for better job opportunities and work/life balance, agencies are being more selective about whom they work with and how that work impacts their workforce.

One place I have seen this is in the print and mail industry. Up until the pandemic, production firms often had to be the lowest bidder with unreasonable timelines—and often put up with rude or disorganized customers. Now buyers are simply asking for rates and timelines, all while being polite and working like team players.

It’s definitely a welcome change, and one that we can all benefit from. C-360 has been fortunate to partner with clients who value strong relationships, and we hope that everyone in the industry begins to enjoy such rapport.


Less Is More

Jeffrey A.Davis, APR, Senior Public Relations Strategist                                                                                            

“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” — Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)

The wisdom of the French thinker and writer will prove even more relevant in 2022, when an abundance of content and distractions means PR writers must find the time to craft even shorter messages. Companies and thought leaders previously on the sidelines will test outlets like TikTok and Instagram Stories to reach audiences that demand these simple, clear micro-messages.

Media consolidations and closures mean PR pros will be challenged to find more blogs and niche micro-sites for earned and sometimes pay-for-play coverage.

Omicron’s spread, hitting hard in early 2022, reminds us things aren’t returning to normal, including where and how we work. The competition for talent will continue in 2022, with a major emphasis on company culture and retention. Companies risk losing good people as the candidate pool expands far beyond the radius of commuting time to traditional office spaces.

Finally, I get this one right every year: A company will make a dumb move (or be accused of one), “hunker down” thinking it will blow over, and finally contact the PR crisis team after much of the damage occurs. Watch for the first example to come soon.


News Viewing and Readership down Due to COVID Fatigue

Karen Benckini, Media Director

Audiences are exhausted by the relentlessly negative news cycle. In particular, people are fatigued from the constant coverage of the pandemic.

Political Communications Professor Tobe Berkovitz at Brown University has suggested that viewers and readers need “a break from

the hysteria” and will keep turning away from news content in favor of entertainment.

Perhaps this is hopefulness on my end, but I predict that in the latter part of 2022 we will see more diverse topics in the news. There are many newsworthy stories and topics that aren’t doom and gloom, and we the audience will help drive that needed change in perspective.


Color and Design Trends in 2022

Nichole Roksiewicz, Graphic Designer

While some may not recognize how a color trend touches our daily lives, it’s there … in the background … surrounding us all. For 2022, Pantone’s Color of the Year brings us a splash of positivity that we all could use.

Welcome Very Peri! I can’t wait to experience this color all around as it spreads and influences our decisions on how we brand products, set up retail displays for merchandising campaigns, and even choose our clothes. Enjoy!

The graphic design trends represent a tentative second wave. Styles from across the decades are being given a second life and 2022 is featuring the 90s in a variety of incarnations.

This particular trend hinges on nostalgia—that longing, idealized gaze backward. To this end, we are re-experiencing the 90s through Memphis design patterns, simple emojis and primitive Internet frames. Fond memories reign supreme through bright color blocks and dripping slime. Whenever your design project calls for a sense of comfort with a touch of old-school cool, turn the clock back to the 90s.

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