$1.1M makes a Baltimore-area firm an exclusive licensee of Australian AI-driven marketing software


Robotic Marketer licensed its product and entered the US market via an exclusive partnership with the Sparks-based C-360 Agency — not B-360.

By Alanah Nichole Davis,  


A business partnership worth over a million dollars links companies half a world away, between Baltimore County and Australia. And before you read the rest of this article: No, “C-360” isn’t a typo where “B-360” should be. No dirtbikes were involved in this partnership.

Instead, Robotic Marketer, a software company with offices in South Yarra and Sydney, Australia (as well as an address in Atlanta, Georgia), recently entered an exclusive partnership with The C-360 Agency, a Sparks, Maryland-headquartered marketing, advertising and PR agency. Through this partnership, C-360 will serve as the exclusive US licensee for Robotic Marketer’s innovative strategy automation software in North America.

Robotic Marketer has developed a technology that a C-360 announcement called “the world’s first” artificial intelligence-based solution, integrating machine learning and big data to generate intricate marketing plans within minutes. C-360 CEO Mike DeMos told Technical.ly that this partnership will help the firm expand its business.

“This will drive our planned growth,” he said via email. “The technology will also allow small to medium businesses to get marketing strategies only previously available to large corporations.  The tech drives down cost and speeds up delivery and execution.  Harnessing AI to help the little guy win.  That’s what I am all about.”

DeMos confirmed that the transcontinental partnership includes a significant investment of $1.1 million in marketing services. This licensing cost highlights the commitment to expanding Robotic Marketer’s presence and bringing marketing solutions to businesses throughout North America.

“When scouring the U.S market seeking exclusive partnerships with high growth and high performing agencies, C360 was an agency that stood out,” said Robotic Marketer CEO Mellissah Smith in a statement. “C360 has a reputation for delivering innovative and creative solutions to its clients, and we are confident that our technology will enhance their capabilities even further. We look forward to working closely with C360 to help them achieve their goals and grow their business.”

This partnership marks another milestone for Robotic Marketer, as the company already established exclusive licensing agreements with agencies in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.


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